Tourist Places

Statue of Chandi Maa Birkoni
Chandi Temple of Birkoni

The Chandi temple is in village Birkoni on N.H.6 & about 10 km. north of Mahasamund. The construction of the…

Statue of Chandi Mata Gunchapali
Chandi Temple (Guchhapali)

Guchhapali village is about 40 km. south side of Mahasamund. The Chandi temple having natural mega idol of Devi Chandi…


The position of Sirpur is at the top of all international famed historical places of South Kosal ie, present Chhattisgarh….

daldali mandir
Gaudhara (Daldali)

About 10 km. East side of Mahasamund there is a place called Daldali there is an old Shiva temple &…

खल्‍लारी माता की प्रतिमा भीमखोज महासमुंद
Khallari Mata Temple

Khallarimata temple is on the hilltop forest of Khallari village situated about 25 km South side of Mahasamund. Every year…

Shiv Ling of Shweth Ganga Bamhini Temple
Shwet Ganga (Bamhni)

In the village of Bamhini about 10 km. west of Mahasamund Swethganga is situated. There is a spring gushed from…