Natural Resource

Geological structure of the District From granite rocks of the Archean period to stratified rocks of Cuddupah group of Upper Cambrian age are and alluvial soil and sand of recent age are found in abundance in the district. Also found in this region are Neo-granite, Dolerite and Quartz in intrusive forms. Granite rocks can be found in the Bagbahra, Basna and pithora region. Lime stone rocks of Chhattisgarh group contemporary to Cuddapah group of Upper Pre-Cambrian age and comprising of Lime Stone layers, Shale, Sand Stone or Quartzite can be predominantly found. Hence there is a great scope of intense mining activity.

Mineral Resources: Important deposits found in this region are Gold, Tin ore, Lead ore, Fluorite, Beryl, Granite and Lime Stone rocks. Till date the economic viability of their extractions are yet to established. Several small-scale industries are in operation that makes multifarious uses of lime stone. Abundant scope of Granite based industries exists.

Minerals and Regions
Name of the Mineral Area where found
Gold and Tin Villages of Dimauguda – Rahatikhole and the base of Mundha hills in Saraipali block
Lead ore Bijarabhata – Salhetarai region of Basna block and Villages of Rampur of Pithore block.
Fluorite Villages Cheurakuta, Makarmutta and Ghatkachhar of Saraipali block.
Beryl Saraipali region.
Granite Bagbahra, Pithora and Basna blocks
Lime stone Villages Ghodari- Birkoni and adjoining areas of river Mahanadi.