The District is famous for its cultural history. The region was once capital of ‘South Kosal’ ruled by ‘Somavansiya Emperors’, was also a centre of learning. Large number of temples here, with their natural and derive beauty were always a visitors delight. The  temples and the fairs/festivals have become the part of peoples daily life.
The position of Sirpur is at the top of all international famed historical places of South Kosal ie, present Chhattisgarh. Sirpur, located at the bank of holy Mahanadi river, is completely merged with the cultural and architectural arts. In the old age(at the time of Somavanshiya emperors) Sirpur was known as ‘Shripur’ and was the capital of South Kosal. Sirpur has very special position in the history of Indian art due to the value of vital and original experimentals as well as religious and spiritual knowledge and science.

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Sir Prabhat Malik
Collector & District Magistrate Shri Prabhat Malik (IAS)
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