Culture & Heritage

  • Common language:

    ‘Chhattisghari’ is the common language of this district. However Hindi too is sparingly spoken in villages. In the blocks adjoining the state of Orissa like Saraipali and Basna, Oriya along with Chhattisghari is spoken.

  • Dressing:

    In keeping with the traditions of Chhattisgarh, people of this district have predilection for unostentatious clothing. The male normally attire ‘Dhoti’, ‘Kurtha’ and Turban on their head with a piece of clothing round the neck and a special type of leather shoe known by the name of Bhandai. The female prefer sari and blouse (Lugra and Polkha) and cover their feet with Atkaria, a special type of leather footwear. Ornaments include Bicchia for fingers, Parpatti or angle band, Kardhan or waist bands, Fulee or ear rings made of silver. In the region adjoining the state of Orrissa, like Saraipali and Basna, Women predominantly wear Sari of violet and green colour.

  • Fairs and Festivals:

    People celebrate festivals through out the year, from the month of Chiatra to Phalgoon. The tradition of gift giving and inviting friends and relatives for feast is considered with great importance in these days.

Festival/Fair Details
Festival/Fair Month
Ram Navami Chiatra
Akthi Vyashak
Matha Pahunchni Ashaad
Hareli Saavan
Saavanahi Saavan
Athe Gokul Bhadra
Krishna Janmashtami Bhadra
Teeja Bhadra
Poora (Pola) Bhadra
Ghaneesh Chathurthi Bhadra
Pither Kanwar
Navakhai Kanwar
Dashera (Navrathri) Kanwar
Dewari (Diwali) Karthik
Devutani Karthik
Chercher Poashpoornima Poashpoornima
Mela Magh Poornima
Holi Phalgoon Poornima
Guru Ghasidaas Jayanthi December (18th December)