Career Counselling Camp

Start : 07/05/2018 End : 31/01/2019

Venue : Central School Mahasamund

The district of Mahasamund organised a “Career Orientation Summer Camp” for lighting up the spark present inside the bright, young minds who will be entering class XII. The district administration invited a pool of meritorious students from every senior secondary higher school present in the district.

What we taught?

  • Career Orientation: The children were taught about various kind of career options like engineering, medical, arts, commerce, law, event management, designing, coding, etc.
  • Making the internet work for you: The children were taught about basic skills like using search engines. They were also made familiar with various educational websites like the Khan Academy, Coursera. They were enabled about how to prepare for various competitive exams by way of YouTube.
  • How to self-study: The children were taught on techniques to make effective notes, how to improve their score by self-assessment (mocks), etc.
  • Aptitude: The children were familiarized with the type of aptitude questions which appear in various competitive examinations. They were also taught tricks on how to effectively handle these questions. A book list was shared with them, so that they can study this on their own.
  • Personality Development: The children were asked to analyze themselves by way of the Johari Window, SWOT analysis, etc. The advantages of a positive attitude and how to cultivate it was also discussed.
  • Access to scholarships and loans: The children were familiarized with various types of scholarships and loans.

Where’s the fun?

  • One day of this six-day program was reserved for a visit to the Jungle Safari, the Immersive Dome Theater, and the Purkhoti Mukatangan in Raipur.
  • The children were divided into four houses, and sports as well as cultural events were organised daily.
  • A motivational movie/video is being daily screened for these children.

Who were the experts?

  • Tree Foundation: They engaged the children on personality development, career orientation, note-making, confidence building, handling stress, keeping a positive outlook, and so on.
  • PT: They taught aptitude, language, logical reasoning, and strategies for different types of competitive examination.
  • Agla Kadam Foundation: They provided access to aptitude-cum-psychometric test for the children.